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1. The enterprise R.O.Quality Water GmbH (ROQW) undertakes to deliver within three days. 3 bottles of water per month for one water cooler, the customer undertakes to order this amount. In case that the customer does not fulfill this order conditions, ROQW is authorized to cancel the leasing agreement without paying back the leasing fee to the customer.

2. The prices for water and for lease on a water cooler always correspond to the current prices of ROQW.

Changes in prices will not affect the current contract (even in the event of extension of lease on a water cooler). In case of price change, the customer has the right to continue receiving water with the earlier fixed prices. Price changes are assumed to be understood and accepted by the customer if two unquestioned payments are made.

Invoices are presented after the delivery of water and must be paid within 14 days. The invoice must be paid directly to the firm ROQW, not through a third party. Firm representatives are not allowed to take payments without signing for receipt of the payment on the physical invoice.

If the customer does not pay within 14 days upon receiving the delivery of water, a late fee of 10% will be added to the relevant invoice. With signing of this contract, customer agrees that late fees can not be disputed. ROQW has the right to terminate the contract upon a two month delay of payment. The remaining amount of the prepaid leasing fee will not be refunded. Should the customer decide to prematurely cancel the lease on a water cooler, the remaining amount of the prepaid leasing fee will not be refunded and for next account. 

ROQW has the right to refuse to supplay the the water, even if the costomer has open invoices.

3. Without exception, all equipment, including the bottles, is the property of ROQW and is offered only on lease terms to the customer. Leasing prices depend on relevant prices of ROQW. The lease payment is to be made in advance. The leasing fee covers regular sterilization of bottles and maintenance to the cooler.

Modifications or adjustments to the cooler are not allowed without the consent of ROQW. The cooler should not be given to a third party without ROQW's knowledge. The customer is to immediately inform ROQW, should any question regarding the operation or maintenance of the cooler arise.

4. The customer agrees to handle the cooler as outlined on the front page of this leasing agreement made by ROQW. Bottles should not be kept in direct sunlight.

5. In case of damage to the cooler, the customer is obligated to pay a fine in an amount determined by ROQW. In the water dispenser may be used only in the ROQW purchased water.

6. Contract comes into force the day of signing. The period of validity is 6 or 12 months. Cancellation of the contract must be made 1 month prior to the end of a period of validity and must be done so in writing. If ROQW does not receive any written confirmation of cancellation of the contract, it will be assumed that the contract is to be extended on the same terms.

7. Customer agrees that ROQW retains the customer's personal data for the purpose of carrying out the contractual agreement. Until the contract expires.

8. Changes to points of the contract do not influence it in its entirety.

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